After-sales Service

After-sales Service

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Our company's thermal printer product series and consumable accessories have a wide range of specifications, which can be applied to different types of packaging machinery and the needs of many users.

In order to make our products more suitable for your requirements, please feel free to contact our business staff or technical department, you will get detailed and clear answers.


1、When our company's coding equipment is delivered to users, we can design and configure a suitable coding machine according to the user's requirements in terms of printing position and installation position, and make corresponding adjustments in the installation position or form to facilitate the user's use.

2、After the equipment is installed and debugged, it is responsible for training the operating personnel for the user until the operation method of the equipment is fully grasped, and some occasional small faults can be eliminated independently.

3、Our company's coding equipment is guaranteed for one year from the date of delivery to users. If users encounter any difficult problems during use, they can check at any time, and our company's professional and technical personnel will deal with it quickly.

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