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TTMA Tengtian Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 to introduce a new generation of technology from Taiwan and Japan, and cooperate with the Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Sciences and the South China Robotics Innovation Research Institute for China's food, medicine, daily chemical, electronics and other industries. , Provide a new business model for future Industry 4.0 smart factories. Increasing production capacity, reducing human resources, and reducing production costs are the company's service objectives.


Our company is a high-tech enterprise fostering storage, small giant, high-tech enterprise, ISO9001 enterprise quality management certification, CE EU quality certification enterprise. Strict quality and craftsman spirit serve the society.


TTMA professional planning, design, R&D, manufacturing and production of food, medicine, daily-use chemicals, whole plant automation and smart factories. Stand-alone series: Bottle unscrambler-Filling machine-Counting machine-Cap sorting machine-Capping machine-Sealing machine-Coding machine-Labeling machine-Visual inspection-Carton sealing machine-Cable tie machine-Robot.


Smart factory planning: front-end raw material mixing-back-end packaging production line-front-end and back-end data collection-back-end information management-connection to ERP industrial management, big data intelligent industrial management.

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