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User instructions Thank you for using our coding machine, labeling machine and your support to our company, in order to enable our company's coding machine to give full play to its due performance and stability, and reduce the incidence of failure, especially artificial For the damage caused by accident, I will explain to you about the use and maintenance of the printer.


1、Common failures are mostly caused by improper use and maintenance. The most common one is damage to the electric control box due to a short circuit. Therefore, it is recommended that you cover the control box of the printer to prevent circuit failure due to moisture, dust infiltration or direct sunlight.


2、When you use the thermal printer, please follow the operating procedures. The correct method of operation is to ensure that the machine can maintain the best use effect and the transmission is stable and flexible. In order to prolong the service life of the machine, cleaning and maintenance are necessary, so when cleaning the frame parts, do not make the parts of the coding machine, especially the parts of the electrical circuit part, contact some conductors (such as water, oil), etc. . To avoid short-circuit or poor contact, etc.


3、Improper use and sanitation will lead to printer malfunctions (such as incorrect turn-on and turn-off sequence, wrong ribbon loading method, debris on the machine, etc.). Non-maintenance personnel must not make incorrect inspections and scheduling of the machine, so as not to complicate the faults that have occurred.

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