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  • On July 7, 2022, the TTMA technical team studied the upgrading plan of the food packaging production line, upgrading from loading → sealing → laser coding → labeling → visual inspection → defect removal and other stations.
  • TTMA Intelligent universal chassis Our company has many years of experience in the development of mobile robot general chassis, and provides customers with standard general mobile machine chassis. Customers can carry out secondary development based on the chassis and start to build complete machine products. The standard mobile robot chassis based on slam laser navigation technology adopts silent rubber wheels, which can realize the functions of turning in place, walking in a straight line, intelligent charging, being suitable for the ground with a flatness within ± 10mm, humanized obstacle avoidance design and low noise during walking. It has reserved rich network ports, manual charging USB ports, input and output ports and data communication protocols. main parameter Body size 600*400*300 Maximum load 100kg Maximum speed 1.5m/s Station accuracy ± 15mm~30mm Power supply time 8h-10h Rotation radius rotation in place The whole system is designed with on-board charging module, laser safety protection, 3D visual protection, excellent shock absorption design device, independent patented core controller and convenient external commissioning charging interface module, equipped with automatic charging pile. It is equipped with PC side operating software and mobile app operating software for easy use and operation. Features: 1) Rapid deployment: automatic generation of accurate environment map to realize path planning and scheduling without scene transformation; 2) Strong expansibility: with universal interface, it can quickly carry various application function accessories; 3) Self detection: real time feedback of the working state of the robot, with self inspection and fault detection functions; 4) Power stability: self patented structure, power and load can be automatically adjusted in a positive correlation within a safe range; 5) Mixed driving mode: support dynamic avoidance mode and fixed line patrol mode: 6) Strong versatility: it can be used to build service robots (disinfection robot, meal delivery robot, medical robot) and industrial mobile platform AGV. Slam laser navigation technology Slam (synchronous positioning and mapping) is synchronous positioning and mapping, which means that in an unknown environment, the robot locates itself through its own internal sensors (encoder, IMU, etc.) and external sensors (laser sensor or visual sensor), and builds an environment map incrementally based on the environmental information obtained by external sensors. In the laser navigation AGV based on slam technology, the odometer information is calculated by the encoder and IMU during the robot movement, and the robot's position is preliminarily estimated by using the robot's motion model. Then, the robot's position is accurately corrected by combining the laser data obtained by the robot's loaded laser sensor with the observation model (laser scanning matching). Finally, on the basis of accurate positioning, Add the laser data to the grid map, so that the robot can move in the environment, and finally complete the construction of the whole scene map, and its operation principle frame diagram.
  • Affected by the epidemic in 2020, the operating income of the manufacturing industry increased slightly compared with that in 2019, with an income of about 22 trillion yuan in 2020 and 22.2 trillion yuan in 2021. With the normalization of the epidemic, the government's policy support for resumption of production and the sustainable development of the industry, it is expected to reach 24.7 trillion yuan by 2025. TTMA Guangzhou Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TTMA), as an enterprise with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, responded to the call of the state and took the lead in participating in the national resumption plan. TTMA Guangzhou Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It has a history of more than 20 years in the automatic packaging machinery industry, and has cooperated with 2000 + enterprises, such as Wangwang group, haibawang, Yamazaki food and so on. Tengtian's machinery has been exported to Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries as early as 2012, and has been developing continuously so far. TTMA scheme upgrade and optimization Automatic packaging design scheme online video conference   March 15, 2022 (Tuesday) At the same time, the cooperation between tengtian technology and Chongqing * * * food company is also progressing smoothly. The TTMA high-speed intelligent multi-function system platform newly developed by tengtian technology integrates the functions of high-speed paging, high-speed labeling, vacuum adsorption, laser coding, visual detection, defect elimination and automatic material collection. Service commitment In line with the principle of customer first, provide customers with satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales service. 1. Provide professional technical consultation before sales and guide customers to select reasonable models. 2. Provide training service on the use of labeling machine and guide customers to correctly use and maintain labeling machine. 3. Provide technical support services and guide customers to solve labeling and film problems. 4. Provide one-year maintenance service for the equipment. Note: the high-speed intelligent multi-function system platform has various functions such as paging, adsorption, labeling, laser, visual detection, defect removal, material receiving and so on, which can be selected according to demand. TTMA R & D base
  • In the moment covid-19, the Guangzhou tengtian Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (tengtian Technology) was first developed in early 2020 with the Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Sciences, Southern China intelligent robot Innovation Research Institute and Nanjing magic science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, tengtian technology accepted the online video invitation of European manufacturers and held an international seminar on TTMA epidemic prevention robot with representatives of Spanish manufacturers. Robot features 1. Electrocution virus long-acting antibacterial 2. Fixed point Cruise 3. Automatic obstacle avoidance 4. Simple operation 5. Large amount of atomization 6. One machine with multiple functions 7. Safe and reliable 8. Strong endurance   Sterilization principle This product is a water-soluble preparation. It is atomized into small molecule aerosol dry mist by ultrasonic nano atomization of TTMA intelligent epidemic prevention robot, and diffuses from top to bottom to all around. It floats in the air of people's entrance and exit channels to form nano small molecules. After passing through the surface of human body and surface virus, it forms biological positive charge after electrostatic adsorption and solidification. Its positive charge is very strong, and electrostatic adsorption of bacteria with negative charge Fungi, causing their rupture and death, play a physical killing role, and can avoid drug resistance. At present, disinfectants used in public places are mainly composed of quaternary ammonium salt and hypochlorous acid. The bactericide composed of hypochlorous acid is a virus killing type, and the dilution ratio needs to be strictly controlled. If it exceeds a certain concentration, it will be toxic to human body. The quaternary ammonium salt bactericide we use is based on the principle of physical sterilization and electric death of virus and bacteria. It is non-toxic and harmful. It is safer and more long-lasting to use in public places. Differences between TTMA robot and other robots Name Third generation TTMA disinfection robot Second generation Frist Generation weight 70KG 50KG 44KG Endurance time 6h 5h 4h Liquid storage capacity 30L 30L 16L Maximum atomization height 6m 4m 2m   Certificate of honor This meeting has greatly shortened the distance between tengtian technology and European manufacturers, and also brought very rich harvest to TTMA. Let's look forward to TTMA epidemic prevention robot entering the international market, strengthening global epidemic prevention measures and escorting people's safe and healthy life!   END TTMA TTMA Guangzhou Co., Ltd Telephone:020-87470512 Mailbox:atl@vip.163,com     
  • TTMA GUANGZHOU CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as TTMA) is an independent and cooperative mobile robot manufacturer. It is committed to developing robots that are easy to operate, flexible and safe, and providing new tools to optimize internal logistics for industry, logistics and health care industries, so as to help customers realize internal transportation automation. As a leader in the global mobile robot market, TTMA has set up distribution networks in many countries and regions and offices in many countries. At present, hundreds of customers in the fields of manufacturing, logistics and health care have introduced TTMA innovative robots. The scale of these enterprises covers large multinational groups and small and medium-sized local enterprises from various countries and regions. Not long ago, TTMA released three new products: intelligent unmanned forklift, intelligent logistics AGV and epidemic prevention robot, which attracted many media reports. The release of three new products meets the richness of TTMA's own products. At the same time, TTMA will further promote to the Chinese market and participate in more use scenarios.         The logistics industry is a vigorous and fast-growing industry, and the field of mobile robot is also a fast-growing field. It is widely used in the logistics industry. At present, due to the promotion of national conditions and actual conditions, the government advocates industry 4.0 and the change of population structure, which constantly stimulates the demand for "machine replacement" in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, there is a large demand for mobile robots in the whole manufacturing industry, whether in logistics scene or handling scene.   Based on technical advantages and Industry TTMA has developed earlier than other domestic mobile robot brands in the whole mobile robot field. Its technical advantages are reflected in three points: 01 TTMA products have a high level of security TTMA products have a high level of security. Compared with other products, TTMA has more security advantages than other products. 02 TTMA # products have a high level of intelligence It has the ability to bypass obstacles and plan paths independently, which is equivalent to the human brain. When encountering obstacles, it will bypass obstacles and obstacles independently. Mr. Zhang Yu introduced: "Other products are also working in this direction, but they will still use many other means, such as ground physical identification, non laser method, and need to plan the path in the software... For example, they will avoid at an angle within a range, but if two objects need to avoid continuously, they may not be able to pass. TTMA can independently Judge and plan the path, just like the human brain can think and judge, without the help of any external force. "   03 TTMA # products are easy to use It only takes about 20 minutes for TTMA mobile robot to open the box, plan the map, set the task, and then run as required. It is very simple to operate, and even laymen can fully grasp it. At the same time, the ease of use is also reflected in the openness. It can run on iPads, tablets and computers. It can directly control the robot through the web. The interface is mainly "drag" and is simple to define. It is much simpler and faster than other products of the same category. When TTMA products are put into the factory, the operator can operate after simple learning. When the factory layout is changed, if the adaptability of products is very weak, it will delay more time and cause production delay, which is a great loss to customers. Its intelligence, flexibility and ease of use will actually bring great portability to customers, which can be attributed to the improvement of efficiency and the reduction of cost. Multi scenario application, deep into the Chinese market TTMA robots are not only applied to factories, but also to hospitals, nursing homes and airports. Return to the three new products of TTMA, which have different characteristics in different scenarios. For example, TTMA intelligent unmanned forklift can tow the carriage and automatically connect to the goods. TTMA intelligent unmanned forklift is responsible for the safety of the carriage and the movement scene, and can reach the level of certification standard. Many mounted vehicles should consider whether there are safety risks. This is the difference, and we can do it with confidence. Intelligent logistics AGV and epidemic prevention robot have expanded the richness of our product line, and we are slowly developing in the direction of heavy load. Continuous innovation, pioneering and enterprising For the Chinese market, Mr. Zhang Yu said that TTMA has deep consideration and strong willingness to invest, and there will be corresponding measures for product localization and technicalization in the future; For Chinese custome
  • This time, our product information, pictures, parameters, content, news, videos, and contact information are being updated with the latest content, which is expected to be completed in July. Please wait.
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