Counterbalanced Forklift
  • Counterbalanced Forklift

  • Model: Counterbalanced forklift
    Appearance size (L*W*H) (mm): 2700*1030*2000
    Weight (including battery) (kg): 2350
    Load (kg): 1200 (800, 1600, 2000 can be equipped)
    Standard lifting height (mm): 2700 (2000-5500 can be equipped)
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Model Counterbalanced Forklift
Basic Parameters Appearance size (L*W*H) (mm) 2700*1030*2000
Weight (including battery) (kg) 2350 
Load (kg) 1200 (Can be equipped with 800, 1600, 2000)
Standard lifting height (mm) 2700 (can be equipped with 2000-5500)
Fork size (s/e/l) (customizable) (mm) 35/100/1070
Outer width of fork (mm) 210-680
Height of fork surface from the ground (mm) 35
Performance Running speed (adjustable in sections) (mm/s) 0-1500
Navigation method SLAM navigation / reflector navigation
Repeat positioning accuracy (mm) ±10
Lifting speed full load/no load (mm/s) 145/220
Lowering speed full load/no load (mm/s) 200/200 
Minimum turning radius (mm) 1600
Maximum gradeability full load/no load (%) 6/10
Exercise Forward and retreat, turn left and right, rotate in place
Minimum channel width (mm) 3700
Power Battery Lithium battery type Lithium iron phosphate
Battery capacity 24V/202AH
Rated running time (h) 6-8
Full charge time (h) 2
Security Laser collision avoidance
Fork detection (photoelectric/ultrasonic)
Mechanical collision avoidance
Emergency stop button, sound and light alarm, cargo detection
Spotlight warning
3D visual recognition tray
3D visual collision avoidance
Other Car display 15 inch touch screen
Operation mode Manual / Auto
Charging mode Manual / Auto
Communication method (roaming) Wireless communication
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