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Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine
  • Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine

  • Operation type: fixed-point marking operation

    Application Industry: Plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, LCD liquid crystal glass, glassware, surface coating metal, silicon wafer microblind hole processing, microhole.

    Features: Ultraviolet photons directly cut the bonding bonds between atoms in the material molecules; Infrared and visible light usually generates local heating melt material or vaporization way to carry on the processing, but the heating can lead to material surrounding area serious damage, and thus limit the degree of edge and the ability to produce small fine characteristics, compared with hot working, the ultraviolet laser processing decomposition and removed in the material, thus processing surrounding thermal damage and heat affected zone is small. And the ultraviolet laser, especially the solid ultraviolet laser, is more and more compact structure, high average rate, easy maintenance, simple operation, low cost, high productivity.

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  • 紫外激光打标机
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