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Ultraviolet Laser Machine Tobacco Only
  • Ultraviolet Laser Machine Tobacco Only

  • 1. Uv laser coding machine 355 nano uv laser, the machine uses the third order cavity frequency doubling technology compared with the infrared laser, 355 nano UV focused light spot is very small, can largely reduce the mechanical deformation of the material processing heat effect is small.

    2. The product can print 32-bit code and TWO-DIMENSIONAL code at the same time, and the coding rate can meet 20,000-35,000 pieces/hour; Sorting line speed >90 m/min, print 32 bit smoke code using ROMANS.SHX font "(Spanish) 5mm high.

    3. There is no distortion or virtual bit in the typed fonts or graphics.

    4. Real-time interface for coding data (real-time asynchronous, with the writing time of 100 data not exceeding 100ms).

    5. Communication interface: RS232, Ethernet (10/100Mbit), at least one EXTERNAL USB port; Seamless connection with China tobacco commercial enterprise - no engineering system.

    6. Support dot matrix password encryption and coding, which can automatically load the dot matrix template in remote mode.
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  • 烟草专用紫外激光打码机
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