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Full Automatic Round Bottle & Flat Bottle All In One Machine
  • Full Automatic Round Bottle & Flat Bottle All In One Machine

  • Suitable for single side and double side labeling of flat bottles, round bottles and square bottles, such as shampoo, lubricating oil flat bottles, hand sanitizer round bottles and other double side labeling, both sides with double labeling, improve production efficiency.

    Widely used in daily chemical, cosmetics, petrochemical, medical and other industries.
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  • 全自动圆瓶扁瓶一体机TTL-8063

Technical parameters

The following is the standard machine technical parameters, other special requirements and functions, can be customized

Labeling accuracy

±1.0mm(Excluding product and label error)

Labeling speed

30-120 PCS/min (depending on product size)

Applicable product size

length20mm-300mm  width20mm-175mm  height60mm-280mm

Applicable label size

length20mm-300mm  width20mm-175mm

The whole machine size

3070mm*1410mm*1565mm(length * width * height)

Applicable to the power supply


The weight


Applicable label inner diameter


Apply label outer diameter


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