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Semi-Automatic High-Precision Labeling MachineTTL-8807
  • Semi-Automatic High-Precision Labeling MachineTTL-8807

  • Suitable for all kinds of cylindrical object labeling, small taper round bottle labeling, such as xylitol, cosmetic round bottle, wine bottle, etc. It can realize full/half week labeling, front and back labeling of circumference, and the distance between front and back labeling can be adjusted arbitrarily. Widely used in food, cosmetics, chemical, wine, medicine and other industries. Optional circumferential positioning detection device to achieve circumferential positioning fixed point labeling. Optional ribbon coding machine and jet printer, labeling at the same time printing production batch number, production date, expiry date and other information, labeling, coding completed in one step, greatly improving production efficiency
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  • 半自动高精度贴标机TTL-8807

Technical parameters

The following is the standard machine technical parameters, other special requirements and functions, can be customized

Labeling accuracy

±0.2mm(Excluding product and label error)

Labeling speed

15-20 PCS/min (depending on product size)

Applicable product size

Length: 10mm-300mm  Width: 20mm-300mm  Height: 5mm-85mm

Applicable label size

length10mm-50mm  width25mm-100mm

The whole machine size

575mm*427mm*815mm(length * width * height)

Applicable to the power supply


The weight


Applicable label inner diameter


Apply label outer diameter


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