Mobile Epidemic Prevention Robot
  • Mobile Epidemic Prevention Robot

  • This product uses laser, vision, and ultrasonic to detect obstacles, effectively avoiding obstacles and avoiding collisions. The setting of mechanical anti-collision mechanism and emergency stop button further enhances the safety of this product. In addition to the above basic functions, this product has other functions such as human body temperature measurement, face recognition, and personnel attendance. Users need to purchase corresponding functional modules separately.
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basic structure


※ This product implements the following technical standards: "General Hygienic Requirements for Air Sterilizers"





Body Shell Ultrasonic Sensor Wheel Lidar
Cancel Task Button Power Button Reserved Button Air Inlet
Emergency Button 7 Inch Display Liquid Injection Port Fog Outlet
Automatic Charging Interface Automatic Charging Detection Panel Cover Ethernet Debugging Port
Manual Charging Interface Remote Control Hand Board Interface Double-sided Camera  


Figure 1 Structure diagram of intelligent mobile disinfection robot


This product is a new generation of intelligent disinfection device that uses disinfectant dry spray method to kill indoor and outdoor air and surface microorganisms (bacteria, viruses), and can meet the disinfection requirements. It has independent power and can operate independently.

The theme color of this product is white, and the edges of the fuselage adopt a smooth transition design. The overall shape is full of affinity and modernity. The weight of the robot is concentrated on the lower mobile platform, and the lower center of gravity makes the robot move more stable and safe.

This product uses the left and right double drive wheels to move in a differential mode. The four support wheels are eccentric universal wheels, which play a role of balance and guidance. The two driving wheels have their own independent suspension mechanism, which makes the robot have better maneuverability and flexibility.

The circular grid spray nozzle design and built-in spray fan of this product can make the sprayed disinfectant dry mist more uniform, the spray height is higher, the parabolic arc spreads out, the dispersion is better, and it can give no dead ends to the air and the surface. Deep disinfection.

This product comes with an automatic charging pile (as shown in Figure 2a). The charging pile needs to be connected to a 220V50Hz AC power supply with a power of 1kw. The length of the external power cord of the charging pile is 1.5 meters.



1. Charging Electrode 2. Identify Positioning Area 3. Power Button 4. Reserved Button


(a)Charging pile structure diagram

(b) Structure diagram of remote control handle


Figure 2 Accessories of this product


※The above is for reference only. The structure, appearance and color of the specific product are subject to the actual product.


Principle of disinfection

Dry mist disinfection uses ultrasonic physical means to transform the disinfectant into ultrafine "dry mist" particles in aerosol state (see Figure 3), so that they can be freely dispersed in the space that needs to be disinfected, so as to achieve the effect of air and surface disinfection. Different from wet fog, dry fog will not settle, and will not condense and drip. These properties of dry fog make it possible to obtain good disinfection effects in corners that were difficult to reach in the past, and the operation time is short, the disinfection effect is good, and the environment is not Residue. Several application scenarios of this product are shown in Figure 4.


图 3 干雾的粒径大小比较


Figure 3 Comparison of particle size of dry mist



Figure 4 Schematic diagram of several application scenarios


Technical Parameters


Table 1 The main technical parameters of this product



Size (mm)



With Battery

70KG (subject to actual conditions)

Power Supply


Lithium Phosphate Battery

Battery Capacity


Charging Time


Service Life

80% after 1200 times

Maximum Charging Voltage


Life time (the amount of spray)


Charging Method

Manual / Auto


Power Supply

DC24V / 3A


< 100W

3D Vision


2m Distance


Power Supply

AC 220V/50Hz

Maximum Rated Power


Disinfection Efficiency

Liquid Storage Capacity

20L (box 30L)

Spray Volume


Driving Wheel

Size (mm)






Maximum Speed


Maximum Torque


Universal Wheel



Size (wheel diameter*wheel width mm)


Rotation Radius (mm)


Single Load



Maximum Load


Operating Speed


Navigation Accuracy



360° rotation, forward, backward, turn left and right


Emergency Button

Emergency Stop


Located at the front and back of the case, two

Indicator Light

Running Status Indication

Voice Broadcast

Vehicle Status Report

Remote Start And Stop

Configure remote start and stop

Navigation Method

SLAM Laser Navigation

Route Plan

Automatic Planning / Manual Route Planning


Navigation Sensor


Wireless Network

2.4G / 5G WiFi

Debug Port

Ethernet RJ45




Ambient Temperature


Environment Humidity

Relative Humidity 5~95% (no frost)

Operating Environment

Indoor Use (no Dust, No Corrosive Gas)

Ground Conditions

Protection level


Ground Slip Resistance Coefficient


Ground Requirements

Concrete Level Ground (no Water, No Oil, No Dust)

Vertical Obstacle Ability


Ability To Bridge Gaps


Maximum Climbing Angle



Basic Skills


Smart disinfection

This product adopts ultrasonic atomization disinfection method, which has the characteristics of small particles, no adhesion, ultra-quiet, large atomization area, safety and environmental protection, and is suitable for air disinfection and surface disinfection in public places. Disinfection mode, disinfection intensity, disinfection time, disinfection frequency, coverage area, etc. are fully controllable.

Fixed-point cruise

This product allows users to preset several cruise points on the map to constrain the robot's disinfection path and range. In this state, the robot will reciprocate cruise disinfection between various cruise points.

Automatic obstacle avoidance

This product uses laser, vision, and ultrasonic to detect obstacles, effectively avoiding obstacles and avoiding collisions. The setting of mechanical anti-collision mechanism and emergency stop button further enhances the safety of this product. In addition to the basic functions mentioned above, this product also has human body temperature measurement, face recognition, and personnel attendance

For other functions, users need to purchase corresponding function modules separately.


Table 2 Function configuration of this product


Function Configuration Standard


Smart Disinfection

Remote Control

Fixed-point Cruise

Autonomous Navigation


Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

Automatic Recharge

Timed Task

Human Body Temperature Measurement


Face Recognition


Staff Attendance




Efficient disinfection

Using ultrasonic atomization disinfection method, it is suitable for all kinds of human and unmanned indoor environments. Simultaneously carry out air disinfection and surface disinfection to completely cut off the virus transmission route.

Safe and reliable

Realize small particles, no adhesion, ultra-quiet disinfection, no secondary pollution, safety and environmental protection. Laser, vision, and ultrasonic multi-sensor fusion detects obstacles, effectively avoiding obstacles and avoiding collisions. Support remote operation, reduce personnel contact, and effectively reduce the risk of infection.

easy to use

The function of this product is intuitive and easy to use, and the operation method is simple. After completing a few basic parameter configurations, there is no need for professional assistance in daily operation. Users can operate and use by referring to this manual.

One machine with multi-purpose disinfectant is replaced with tap water, which can be used for office comfort and process environmental air spray

Humidification is used in offices, fresh-keeping storage, planting, etc.; the disinfectant is replaced with a formaldehyde scavenger, which can be used in homes, office buildings and other places to quickly and efficiently remove formaldehyde and odor.

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