Packaging Machinery
  • CO2 Laser Printer

  • Scope of application:

    Aluminum film bags, nylon bags, PE bags, wood, glass, leather, cloth, acrylic, paint metal, PET, PVC, PP, ABS and other plastic and various composite materials.

    Type of assignment:

    Automatic coding operation on production line.

    Application industry:

    Leisure food, beverage, drinking water, wine industry, leather processing, medicine, electronics, agriculture and animal husbandry, tableware, daily chemicals, etc.

    Machine features:

    1. The world class metal tube laser is adopted, with a light output life of more than 4500 hours and a working life of more than 10 years.

    2. Full air cooling, eliminating the trouble and space of water cooling, and can reduce the power of the machine.

    3. It can easily complete fixed-point marking and high-speed flying coding, without adding any consumables, and the comprehensive cost is lower than ink jet printer.

    4. Fine beam quality, beautiful printing effect, can not be erased, to avoid dealers and consumers maliciously change the batch number or date.
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